Onyx - Cold Case Files: Murda Investigation (2008)
Автор: Kopona | 20 августа 2008 | Комментарии (2) | Музыка
Onyx - Cold Case Files: Murda Investigation (2008)

Исполнитель: Onyx
Альбом: Cold Case Files
Лэйбл: Onyx Records
Жанр: Rap
Дата выхода: 19/08/2008
Формат: MP3
Источник: CDDA
Продолжительность: 55:05
Размер: 44,1 Mb

Onyx’s shouting, in-your-face brand of high-volume rapping proved to be more at home in the slam pit than on the dance floor and brought the rap quartet instant chart success. Originally formed in Queens, NY, during 1990, the members of Onyx (Fredro Starr, Sticky Fingaz, Big DS, and DJ Suave Sonny Caeser) met while working as barbers.

The band honed their rhyming skills and act by performing at local clubs, which eventually gained the attention of Run-D.M.C.’s Jam Master Jay, who signed the group to his label, JMJ Records, and even helped produce Onyx’s debut full-length, Bacdafucup, in 1993. The album turned out to be a platinum-certified smash and the rest was history and the group went on to sell millions of records. Due to the Deaths of Members Big DS, X1 and Jam Master Jay, Onyx has once again come together to bring you "Cold Case Files" after the unsolved deaths of Jam Master Jay, Big DS and X1. The new album features the original members, Fredro Starr, Sun Cee, Sticky Fingaz. Also features recordings of X1of Big DS before their deaths.

Release Notes: some joints weren't on CD till now.... enjoy....


01. U.S.G 00:15
02. Ghetto Way Of Thinking 04:40
03. O.N.Y.X 03:21
04. See U In Hell Pt. 2 03:22
05. Evil Streets Remix (feat. Method Man) 04:13
06. Rock U 04:15
07. Hydro 03:06
08. Purse Snatchaz Pt. 2 03:33
09. Wili'n Wili'n 04:08
10. Free Style 03:40
11. I'll Murda U (feat. Gang Green) 03:43
12. Mad World 04:16
13. I Don't Want To Die 03:48
14. Return Of The Madface 03:23
15. Candy Man 02:12
16. Hard To Be A Thug 03:10



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Leem | 20 августа 2008 02:21 | # 1 »

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сила music
Maxwell | 21 августа 2008 03:23 | # 2 »

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А как его скачать??????
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